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“Our adventurers stand on the shore of the Windswept Isle, the quest ahead of them made plain by the midden pile of human bones outside the entrance to the trowie knowe. Locals had spoken of a great evil having taken over the knowe but also of great treasure, reason enough to brave the dank darkness...”


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SF000 Statuesque Fantasy Adventurers
Four Fantasy Adventurers - a barbarian, a dwarf, an elf and a wizard.
SF001 Oorik the Barbarian
1 fantasy barbarian named Oorik
SF002 Lowri Lowrisson the Dwarf
1 fantasy dwarf named Lowri
SF003 Misanter the Elf
1 fantasy elf named Misanter
SF004 Gomeril the Wizard
1 fantasy wizard named Gomeril
SF005A Birsi Bearsson with twin axes
A dwarf berserker armed with two axes.
SF005B Birsi Bearsson with great axe
A dwarf berserker armed with a great axe.
SF005C Birsi Bearsson Rising
Two versions of dwarf berserker Birsi Bearsson - one with twin axes, one with a great axe.

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