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October 2020

Open for orders

 by statuesqueminiatures on 08 Oct 2020 |
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***The next date on which I intend to make a post depot trip is Tuesday 2nd of March. This date is not guaranteed. Please read the full information below.***   Hi everyone, I hope you are doing ok and staying safe. Since the Coronavirus lockdown came into effect in Scotland on the 23rd of March, I have been making one trip to the Royal Mail depot each week, rather than three trips to the Post Office.  The date of the next depot trip is shown above and listed on the website home page, and will be noted in your confirmation email. However, most orders are still posted within a couple of days, as only orders to be sent by tracked mail require a trip to the depot. Sadly, the local Post Office has closed following the death of the post master. This means I don't really have the option to post tracked mail more often anymore - the depot opening times are very limited. So far the longest time from order placed to dispatch has been one week, but I cannot guarantee that your order won't be subject to a longer delay. Anyway, thank you all for your patience and for the orders that have been coming in despite all this. They are all greatly appreciated. Best wishes to everyone.

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