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February 2020

All Heroic Scale Female Heads LARGE sets available again at 15% OFF!

 by statuesqueminiatures on 28 Feb 2020 |
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I'm happy to say that all the Heroic Scale Female Heads LARGE range is now in stock and available to buy once again. To celebrate, the range is 15% OFF until Sunday the 15th of March. Please note, the Heroic Scale Female Heads LARGE range (SMA301-307) was previously known simply as Heroic Scale Female Heads. I'll have the full Heroic Scale Female Heads SMALL range back on sale soon too, hopefully by next Friday. They will all be on sale at 15% OFF until Sunday the 15th of March as well. Please note, the Heroic Scale Female Heads SMALL range (SMA351-357) was previously known as Heroic Scale Female Heads Narrow. I hope to have the missing Fine Scale Female Heads and Pulp Scale Female Heads back on sale later in March. I won't be able to post any orders on Monday 2nd of March as I'm away for the day, so orders from over the weekend may not be posted until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Availability of the Heroic Scale Female Heads ranges

 by statuesqueminiatures on 20 Feb 2020 |
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You may have noticed that some of the Heroic Scale Heads sets have been unavailable for a while. That should be rectified soon, with some sets hopefully available again before the end of the month and the rest following in March. I'll be remoulding the entire existing range, but I've been waiting on a new mould can which is finally ready to ship. Once it arrives, it'll be non-stop mould making for me! I've also taken the opportunity to rename the Heroic Scale ranges LARGE and SMALL: Heroic Scale Female Heads LARGE = Heroic Scale Female Heads of old. Heroic Scale Female Heads SMALL = Heroic Scale Female Heads NARROW. I feel this better reflects the uses of the heads. When the first Heroic Scale Female Heads set (now classed as LARGE) was released, there were very few multipart plastic female figures on sale. As such, those heads were sized for use primarily with male bodies. The later Heroic Scale Female Heads Narrow range (now classed as SMALL) was specifically designed for female figures. The name changes hopefully means that the larger heads are not viewed as the default, when the customer may be intending to use female bodies. Once I've got through remoulding the Heroic Scale ranges, I'll make a start on getting the Fine Scale and Pulp Scale ranges in production again. I know some of you have been waiting patiently to purchase those for a very, very long time! All this also means that the Left at the Bottom of the Garden Kickstarter has been pushed back to the end of March. I like to get all moulds made prior to launching a Kickstarter, to minimise risk of delays, so I need the new mould can to do this. Hopefully it will be worth the wait! Please note, any set of heads not marked 'available again soon' is in stock and can be purchased now, without delay to dispatch.

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