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September 2019

Pulp Alley range to be discontinued

 by statuesqueminiatures on 19 Sep 2019 |
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I've made the decision that I will no longer be producing or selling the Statuesque Pulp Alley range going forward. As such the entire available range is reduced by 25-44% to clear existing stock. I had initially hoped to take production in house, which is why some figures have been unavailable for a while. However, I have now realised I need to focus my time and resources on new ranges, such as the Left at the Bottom of the Garden figures. Kickstarters really are the only viable way to release figures now, but they take a lot of work and that doesn't leave time for me to properly sort production of the Pulp Alley range. Added to that, the Statuesque Pulp Alley range no longer represents the entirety of the Pulp Alley miniatures line, with Pulp Alley themselves having produced more figures independently. In the beginning, I organised the production of the range, shipping stock out to the US, but now I believe Pulp Alley are producing all the figures in the States. As such, the range will continue to be available through them. I'm proud of the Statuesque Pulp Alley range, but don't have any great attachment to them as they're not my character designs. Without having to worry about restocking (or moulding and casting) the Pulp Alley range I'll be able to concentrate on getting the characters in my head into metal. Please note, some of the figures in the range are already extemely limited so if you're wanting something, best grab them soon!

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