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June 2019

Left at the Bottom of the Garden Pledge Manager and Pre-Order now LIVE!

 by statuesqueminiatures on 22 Jun 2019 |
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Hi everyone! I'm happy to say the Left at the Bottom of the Garden Pledge Manager page is now live here on the Statuesque Webshop, along with non-backer Pre-Orders! Please read the information in this update carefully. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. All backers should have received their pledge-value coupon codes in a Kickstarter message from me. ***Fancy Toys backers, please check your messages for full details on how to complete your orders.*** Once your completed webshop orders start coming in, I'm planning to start shipping rewards at the end of June. This will be done roughly in order of both Backer Number and when the webshop order was placed, where possible – i.e. high backer number orders will not be delayed waiting for all earlier backers to complete their orders. You will receive an email once your reward has been shipped. Please remember to check your email spam folder for the posting confirmation email. In order to avoid mistakes I won't be rushing the shipping of rewards, but I'm hopeful to have all rewards posted by the end of July. Anyone who did not back the Kickstarter is also welcome to Pre-Order the toys at this time using the Pledge Manager page. Please note, Pre-Orders will not be dispatched until all Kickstarter rewards have been shipped. Estimated dispatch for Pre-Orders is early-August. To complete your order: Select your desired Rewards/Add Ons from the items on the Kickstarter category page and add them to your basket. Any additional items from the Statuesque Webshop can also be chosen at this time. Enter the coupon code in the box on the Shopping Basket page - see image below. Complete your order through the Checkout to pay for the shipping costs and any additional products you may wish to purchase. Payment is made through Paypal and can be paid by card or Paypal account. Remember to click 'Complete your Order' AFTER the Paypal payment process when you are redirected back to the Statuesque webshop. If you do not click 'Complete your Order' no order will be place and no payment will be taken - see the image below.     Once the process is complete you will see the page in the image below. You will receive an order confirmation from the Statuesque Webshop and a payment confirmation from Paypal.    Please note: The coupon code only applies to items in the 'Kickstarter' category of the shop. The coupon code will not discount shipping costs. The coupon code does not refund 'unspent' pledge amounts. You can purchase any non-Kickstarter item from the Statuesque webshop along with your Rewards/Add Ons, though the coupon code will not apply to these items. Although many of you have completed the Kickstarter Survey to gather address information, please do take care entering your address into the shop system as this will be my primary source for addresses. Remember - do not rely on browser autofill! :) There is a small chance some existing Statuesque products will be restocked during the course of the Pledge Manager. I had hoped to receive a restock before now, but that hasn't happened. If you have already placed your order and an existing item you wanted is restocked before your reward is shipped, just drop me an email and I can send a Paypal invoice for the restocked item. If you have any questions, please to not hesitate to get in touch, either with a Kickstarter message or to statuesquemini at gmail dot com. If you email, please do include your Kickstarter backer name. Thanks! Andrew

Left at the Bottom of the Garden Kickstarter successful!

 by andrew on 10 Jun 2019 |
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Hi everyone, I'm very happy to say that the Left at the Bottom of the Garden Kickstarter campaign is now complete and funded. I really enjoyed working on this project - probably more than anything I've done for Statuesque - so its really rewarding to find so many homes for the toys. I doubt I could have chosen a more niche subject! The Kickstarter Pledge Manager page will go live on this website in a couple of weeks time. Anyone who missed the Kickstarter campaign will be able to place pre-orders for the Left at the Bottom of the Garden range at this time. Pre-orders will be posted after the backer rewards are sent, but I'm confident this will happen before the end of August estimated delivery. Please note, I do not expect fulfilment of the Kickstarter to affect regular, day-to-day Statuesque orders. All webstore orders will continue to be dispatched promptly, as customers have come to expect. Many thanks to all backers and to anyone who shared, commented or liked on forums and social media!  

Left at the Bottom of the Garden Kickstarter continues!

 by statuesqueminiatures on 01 Jun 2019 |
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Hi everyone. The Left at the Bottom of the Garden Kickstarter is still going strong as we enter the final few days. The level of support has been really gratifying and it's great to have so many home for these odd little toys to go to. The support has also encouraged me to continue sculpting for this range - I want to tell the story of Olive, Clementine and their friends as they venture into the woods. So even though we've reach and exceeded the funding target, every pledge really helps and is really appreciated as it will speed up the process of telling that story in a later Kickstarter - no waiting to save money for prints and mastering. As you can see above, I've been painting away to hopefully get the full set painted before the end of the Kickstarter. It's been a fun process trying out new ways of painting (lots of splatter). Now I've just got the hoodie crows to finish! You can see more photos both in the Kickstarter updates and on the Statuesque Facebook and Twitter pages. As always, all shares, comments and likes on social media - along with forum posts and just telling your friends - are much appreciated and really do help. Thanks!

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