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December 2018

Statuesque Winter Sale - 15% OFF!

 by statuesqueminiatures on 19 Dec 2018 |
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Festive greetings to everyone! What this? Another sale at Statuesque Miniatures? Well... yes. For various reasons (I'll mention the main ones below) it's time to boost sales a wee bit. So until the 7th of January, if you enter the coupon code 'wintersale' in the shopping basket, you will get 15% OFF your order. 15% OFF anything and everything in the shop! Due to Christmas and New Year, orders will next be posted from Tuesday 8th of January, though there could be a couple of days delay in posting your order due to the backlog. Thanks for your patience. I'll still be answering emails and checking social media over the holidays.   Sadly, last week I had to say goodbye to my wee cat Griz. She had developed a cough which did not respond to treatment and her breathing had deteriorated badly. She only came to live with me last year but with me working from home and her not really being one for going outside very much, she was my constant companion and I was very fond of her strange little ways. It's very quiet without her chattering away at me. Needless to say, the vets bills were extensive and that is the main reason I'm running this sale. Sales aren't my preferred method of drumming up orders, but needs must and with few new releases this year I've had to run more than is ideal. However, once 2019 rolls around things should be back on track so don't go expecting a sale every couple of months from now on. Make the most of this one! Anyway, I'll be glad to see the back of 2018. It's had many positives, with me learning to mould and cast my own figures, but has also been rather trying with a large project having to be abandoned after the new production partner I was using couldn't provide consistent quality. I gave them a fair crack at it, but each production sample set had different issues. I had to take the tough decision to cancel the entire project, wasting several months of work and a lot of money. However, I've got a couple of figures nearly ready to go that had been put on hold while I concentrated on the big project. These should be on sale early in 2019 and hopefully I'll be able to keep momentum going throughout the year.   Best wishes to everyone for Christmas and New Year!

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