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April 2015

New Pulp Alley figures and guns on sale NOW!

 by statuesqueminiatures on 30 Apr 2015 |
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Statuesque Miniatures and Pulp Alley are pleased to announce the release of two new Pulp Alley Miniatures packs – Dr. Fang and Golgo Satana and Pulp Alley Weapons 1. "Believed to be centuries old, the enigmatic Dr. Fang frequently poses as a simple purveyor of ancient artifacts. In truth, this criminal mastermind secretly leads the greatest underworld empire in history.   "Golgo Satana's true face and identity remain unknown. This master of disguise and assassination strikes suddenly from the shadows then disappears without a trace." As a new release special offer, Dr. Fang and Golgo Satana are priced at £6 for the pair, saving 20%.  As with all the Pulp Alley miniatures, Dr. Fang and Golgo Satana are available with unique Pulp Alley Character Cards, for use in your Pulp Alley games. All our favorite pulp weapons are now available in the Pulp Alley Weapons 1 set - including Webley, Luger, Colt 1911, Mauser Broomhandle, Tommy Gun,  and a Shotgun! Designed for easy conversions, simply snip off a figures existing hand, dill a 1mm hole into the wrist and use the pre-attached pin to secure the new weapon hand in place. The Pulp Alley Weapons 1 set is priced at £2.50.

Statuesque Fantasy Sale

 by statuesqueminiatures on 01 Apr 2015 |
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The Statuesque Fantasy range is now 10% OFF, including on the already reduced Statuesque Fantasy Adventurers set and the Birsi Bearsson Rising set, so the savings really add up! The sale will run until the 30th of April or while stocks last. Today also sees the return of an older fantasy figure, the diminutive Ezmeralda Tyke! Ezme has been unavailable for some time due to moulding issues, but I have receive some stock back from a retailer which is now in the shop ready for sale. Stock is limited and once she’s gone she’s very unlikely to return. Along with the castings of Ezmeralda, I also receive a very limited number of castings of Emilia 'Foxy' Foxwell and Poppy Come-Lately. Both these figure - along with their S.O.E. Kill-Team member Tilly Tumbleworth - need remoulding, so when these castings are sold it could be another few months before they are back in stock. I'm hoping to make a few changes to the original figures in order to make them a bit easier to assemble. I really must get on with that!

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