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A note on out of stock items

 by statuesqueminiatures on 06 Jan 2021 |
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Edit 05/03/21: SMA306 Heroic Scale Female Heads LARGE - Bionic and SMA356 Heroic Scale Female Heads SMALL - Bionic join the SMA301 Heroic Scale Female Heads LARGE, SMA351 Heroic Scale Female Heads SMALLSMA304 Heroic Scale Female Heads LARGE - VeteransSMA354 Heroic Scale Female Heads SMALL - Veterans and SMA311 Heroic Scale Female Heads XL - Techno Roiders sets and are back in stock and available again.

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed that various items in the Statuesque Miniatures catalogue are either out of stock or have disappeared from the webshop. There are different reasons for this depending on the item, so I thought I'd go over why and when things might start appearing again.

The bulk of the Heroic Scale Female Heads ranges - both Large and Small - should be available again in the next few of weeks. I can't guarantee all the different sets will be available again immediately, but the most popular sets will be on sale again soon. The Heroic Scale Female Heads, along with the Left at the Bottom of the Garden toys, are all cast in-house by myself.

A large number of my figures have been disappearing from the shop over the past few months, as stock was sold. I had hoped to start casting those figures myself in the past year, but with the Coronavirus pandemic I haven't been able to collect all the moulds and master castings from the contract casters. Unfortunately, a drop in quality from the casters has meant I'm not willing to order any restocks. However, many of the figures will be made available again eventually, I just can't say exactly when. I won't be selling any ranges to other manufacturers.

Please note, I don't take orders for items I don't have in stock, so if it's available to buy, it's in stock and ready to go.


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